more than styling


b. 1986, HK.


Everyone who knows me well, can confirm that since I was a child, I longed for the sun and dreamed of paradises with no obligations, only freedom.

I persuid that dream a couple of years after I gratuated as an interior designer in Brussels, by moving to Portugal.

I gained a lot of inspiration there, from whites and bright pastels, to palms inside the houses. I combine my love for woods and black & whites, to achive the perfect concept for everyone, whether you like a minimal or more cosy styling.

Since I'm back in Belgium I had to find a way to survive winters and long dark days. This is how I came up with A | concepts. It's an interior styling that is based on the feeling you get when you go on a summer holiday. If I can bring that feeling to your home, my mission is done.

Things I love: cats, shopping, dancing, my friends & family, sharp pencils and the smell of a tan. My favorite color palette is to be found in the perfect paradise beach shot.